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In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, our goal is to provide elite students with a curriculum that allows them to climb the mountain of wisdom.  At the top of that mountain are Theology and Philosophy and from there to the mountain's base are a series of steps known as the classical liberal arts. 

Once of those steps is Arithmetic.  However, when modern parents and students hear the word "Arithmetic" they often think of modern, practical Arithmetic courses that have been taught since the creation of public schooling in the mid- 1800s.  That is not the Arithmetic that was studied by wise men throughout history, but a simple "practical" Arithmetic for everyday use.  (Most wise men didn't need anyone to teach them practical Arithmetic...it's easy). 

In the CLAA, we provide a unique course in Classical Arithmetic, taught by Dr. Daniele Arcara and Mr. William Michael that aims to satisfy the goals of Arithmetic as it needs to be studied by one ascending the mountain of Wisdom.  However, we are also happy to provide students with an efficient course of studies in Practical Arithmetic.

About the Authors
     Mr. William Michael
     (CLAA Director)

Courses Available
     Practical Arithmetic I
     Practical Arithmetic II
     Practical Arithmetic III
     Practical Arithmetic IV

     Enrollment:  $125/student



Practical Arithmetic I
Intended for students who have completed Petty School Arithmetic, this course leads children from counting and numbering through the basics of the four arithmetical operations:  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.  The goal of this course is the thorough memorization of the basic Arithmetical facts.

Practical Arithmetic II
Intended for students who have completely memorized the basic Arithmetical facts for all four operations, this course introduces students to what is called "intellectual" or "mental" Arithmetic.  Students learn and use the Four Step Method for problem solving and move through the four arithmetical operations and into fractions, measuring, ratio and percentage.  The goal of this course is to understand the relationship between Arithmetical problem solving and the use of Reasoning in general, and to prepare students for the intellectual rigor of Classical Arithmetic.

Practical Arithmetic III
Intended for students who have completed P.A. II or new students who are already able to add, subtract, multiply and divide quickly and accurately, this course leads students into more complex caculations using the four arithmetical operations, measuring, factoring, fractions, decimals, the metric system and percentage.  Students also enter into the practical subjects of calculating interest, monetary exchanges, insurance, taxes, ratio, proportion and measuring. 

Practical Arithmetic IV
This final course in our Practical Arithmetic program is open only to students who have completed P.A. III.   This course presents a more systematic theoretical study of Arithmetic to students, which addresses, in a more complete manner, the subjects studied in P.A. III. 


Q.  Can a student take BOTH Classical and Practical Arithmetic at the same time?

A.  Yes.  The two programs are independent of one another and may be studied simultaneously. 

Q.  What level should my child begin at?
A.  We are happy to provide incoming students with a placement examination that will determine what course they should begin with.  All CLAA courses are self-paced and enrollment is permanent.  Once enrollment fees are paid, that course belongs to that student forever.  To enroll in these courses, families new to the CLAA must complete an online enrollment application.  Existing families may add these courses from their CLAA Family page as normal.
Q.  What books/materials are required?
A.  Students enrolled in our Practical Arithmetic courses need no books or study materials.  All instructional material needed for the course is delivered online and is designed be printed to be studied away from the computer is students/parents so desire.  Some useful resources are recommended at different points in different courses, but nothing more is necessary.

Mr. William Michael

William C. MichaelMr. Michael is the founder and director of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, which he started after establishing a highly successful classroom teaching career.   He is, before all else, the author of the CLAA's core curriculum courses including Religion, Grammar, Reasoning and Rhetoric.  Mr. Michael has undertaken the instruction of the CLAA Practical Arithmetic course because, as an father of nine responsible for the management of a large and busy household and owner of two thriving businesses, he is concerned that our "practical" Arithmetic courses actually be practical--that is, useful for real life rather than school exercises.  According his colleagues, students and their parents, Mr. Michael has a unique ability to teach with a style that is clear and enjoyed by students of all ages.  

Questions about the program may be sent to Mr. Michael at: wmichael@classicalliberalarts.com




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