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This site is for extern students completing 2009-2013 CLAA courses.

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Update:  April 20, 2015

Dear friends,

As stated previously, extern (i.e., individual course) enrollments are no longer avaliable in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.  Families interested in continuing in the CLAA must do so using our Family Distance Learning program.  Existing extern courses may be completed here.

If you are considering moving to the Family Distance Learning program and into our new LMS, a trial student account for student Dominic Savio, has been created to allow you to see the new tools and resources.  

Dominic Savio, our sample CLAA distance learning student

1. Login to CLAA Google Apps

2.  Login to the CLAA LMS

If you have any questions, please contact us any time using the Support tools in the new LMS.

William Michael, Director
Classical Liberal Arts Academy
Office:  704-292-4144
Email:  support@claaonline.com




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